General Policies

General SFLOA Polices for Officials

  • Ensure you keep your contact information, availability, and blocks updated on the Arbiter.
  • Note NFHS (Federation) Mercy Rule — if one team is up by 12 or more goals in the 2nd half, then go to a running clock.
  • Schools, Tournament Directors and Youth League Directors must provide adequate security for officials. Find out who the site coordinator is before the game begins. The home team is responsible for security. Do not allow fans to congregate behind the team bench areas.
  • If you are officiating a game that has not been assigned through an SFLOA Assignor, then SFLOA has no responsibility to you financially or in any support role whatsoever.
  • It is expected that SFLOA members will make themselves available for SFLOA assigned games as their priority. Repeatedly ignoring this could result in suspension or expulsion from SFLOA.
  • It is the Referee’s obligation to contact the Umpires(s) 24 hours prior to contest to arrange meeting time and location.
  • You should plan on meeting at least 30 minutes prior to game for all varsity contests and 15 minutes for sub-varsity contests.
  • Report any player/coach misconducts using the Incident Report form within 24 hours of the contest.
  • Get in, do the job, then leave. Do not loiter on the field or in the parking lot following a game!

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