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General Information

FINAL deadline for FHSAA Lacrosse Registration is today, Feb 8

If you still need to register please click the provided link,

2019 Youth Boys’ Rulebook

Available here

Let’s Talk Lax Week 3 Replay

In case you missed it, you can listen to the entire Q&A here

Let’s Talk Lax Week 2 Replay

In case you missed it, you can listen to the entire Q&A here

For immediate distribution: 

 There was an error of deletion in the book however the NFHS is staying with the book as written for this year.

See training section of SFLOA website for rule book corrections. Please note that Rule 7-8 ART 1 and ART 2 remain as written in the rule book.
“If a defending player commits a foul against an attacking player and an attacking player has possession of the ball and if the act of fouling does not cause the player in possession to lose possession, the official shall drop a signal flag ,make the verbal signal “flag down”
Note: Possession can be lost during the flag down with the play continuing  as described in ART 2.

Let’s Talk Lax Week 1 Replay

In case you missed it, you can listen to the entire Q&A here

SFLOA’s Third Annual USL Test Prep Events

Hosted by Paul Cicio.

January 23 7:00 PM Questions 1-25
January 30 7:00 PM Questions 26-50
February 6 7:00 PM Youth Exam

On each call Paul will review questions  from the USL NFHS and USL Youth Exam. 
Be prepared. Download the test now and attend with your answers to the questions.
And questions about the answers.
Dial In Information:
(515) 739-1286
Access Code: 571867

2019 Document Link with Important Dates and Information

2019 Important Dates for All Officials v2

Mandatory Annual General Meeting January 26 10AM

Glades Branch Library, Boca Raton. Save The Date.  All Middle and High School Officials are required to attend.


Rules Exams for 2019 USL Certification will be available on December 15th, 2018.