Acquiring a State Id Badge

The Jessica Lunsford Act

On May 2, 2005 the Jessica Lunsford Act was signed into legislation. This Act provided several safeguards to protect Florida’s children from sexual predators. In addition to toughening the regulation of registered offenders, this Act expanded the background check requirements for school districts to include all contracted workers and consultants. This law enables the school district to better protect the children in its care. In addition, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement agreed to implement a database to track arrests of school district employees and contractors and notify the school districts when an employee is arrested. This new tracking system will help ensure that the children in our schools remain safe.

Palm Beach County


Palm Beach School Board Offices
Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center

3300 Forest Hill Boulevard

West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Cost is still least expensive in the State at $47 (MONEY ORDER).
It is a 5-year badge with no yearly renewal fee.
Hours at School District are 8 A.M to 3:30 P.M. (closed for “lunch” and catch-up
from 12 noon to 1 P.M.)  IF you come in late afternoon and there are already MANY waiting
to be fingerprinted, they will NOT take you that day (even if 2:30 or 2:45 when you arrive).
NEED Driver License (to get in  the door) AND Social Security CARD (real card, NO passport,
NO copies of SS card).  If problem, I can explain possible options.

Broward County

Fieldprint Instructions

Fieldprint Codes:
Contest Official – FPBCPSContOffNet
FSSR-Contest Official – FPBCPSFSSRContOffNet
School Board Board Employees – FPBCPSEmpVBDCnet

Additional Information:

Security Clearance/Badge:
The Security clearance and ID Badge is very important; failure to secure clearance shall prevent you from officiating Lacrosse, unless your are a current High School Student/Youth Official. You are urged to get the security clearance completed ASAP. The following information will guide you through the security clearance process:

1. If any members/officials that do not have a current security clearance [Security Clearance is valid for five (5) years], you will be required to successfully pass a security clearance including obtaining a State and/or Vendor ID Badge. A State ID Badge is strongly recommended. A Vendor ID Badge is only applicable to Broward County School District which can impact your opportunity to
work regional games.

2. If you are in need of a security clearance and/or ID Badge, you must contact the Broward County School Board’s contractor, Field Print. To setup an appointment; you can select the following link: or

Additional information can be found at the following link:

The following are the Codes and fees associated for the security background and ID badge: (fees are subject to change without notification and set by the School District & vendor)

Broward County Approval Code: 16-00001
Contest Official FPBCPSContOffNet $91.57
FSSR-Contest Official FPBCPSFSSRContOffNet $10.00
School Board Employees FPBCPSEmpVBDCnet $7.50

FieldPrint and/or Broward School Security Clearance Department will notify the applicant the status of your security clearance and if successful where you can pick up your ID Badge.

All NEW and Returning members are required to submit a copy of their ID badge to the SFLOA every January. Member can just take a picture of their badge and send via email to Your badge will be uploaded into association database. Returning officials with a current ID badge on file with the association do not have to submit their ID badge. It is the officials responsibility to submit the Membership Application and Copy of State Badge every January.  The Association Secretary may notify you if you need to submit a copy of your ID badge.


Other Counties or Locations


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