Getting Paid for Youth Games

Payment of Games: All SFYLL teams will be using RefPay to pay officials.  You must register for a RefPay (soon to be called ArbiterPay) account.  Go to and click the red section “Sign Up Today”.

When you register for your account, it is not recommended to choose automatic payment when funds have been transferred to your account since there is a fee.  Just transfer the funds manually when it appears in your account.

When your account has been funded for SFYLL games, you will receive a notification email from Charity Cox (

It is free to have funds electronically transferred to your banking or checking account. There is a fee if you prefer to receive a check or debit card.  Make sure you complete the registration ASAP.  Payment will occur bimonthly, if not sooner.  If you do not have an account when payroll is completed, you will have to wait two weeks until the funds transfers are attempted again.

Note: We do our best to schedule the games so that they start/finish on time. As an Official you have responsibility to mange to the scheduled game times.

If game day events dictate that you work an extra game, or a game by yourself, or you’re asked by the assignor, a Senior Official or the Site Administrator to cover a different game, or if your partner did not arrive on time you must let your assignor know that same game day via email of these changes. This will allow updates to the Arbiter schedule to reflect the reality of the days schedule. So that everyone is paid properly.

As always I recommend that you keep a written record of all games you work, the level of play, the time, field and your partner’s name. This will aid you in any disputes involving pay.

For any questions about Arbiter.

Contact Arbiter Support directly.


Monday–Thursday – 5:00 am to 7:00 pm MT
Friday – 5:00 am to 5:00 pm MT
Saturday – 8:00 am to 2:00 pm MT
Phone: 801-576-9436


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