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Length of Games (by level)

High School:

Varsity: 12 Minutes Stop

Junior Varsity: 10 Minutes Stop

Middle School:

8 Minutes Stop or 12 Minute Running


U7  10 minute running (Whistle at 5 minutes for quick substitution only)

U9, U11  12 minute running

U13, U15  15 minute running All games are running time.

U11, U13, U15 – 1 Sudden Victory OT period of 4 minutes with 1 time out (can end in a tie if both coaches agree)

Penalty time is straight time (00:30 or 00:60) not time and 1/2

There are no horns.

All subs on the fly.

Clock stops at timeouts (official’s and team).

2 time outs per half.




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