Becoming An Official

1. Join Our Mailing List

2. What is Official’s Certification?

To officiate FHSAA Middle or High School games


  1. Register with the State
  2. Obtain a State Id badge Instructions
  3. Acquire a State Photo Id Badge In Dade County –> Click Here

To officiate Youth, Summer, Fall or Tournament games

  1. Register with USLacrosse
  2. Become a Certified US Lacrosse Official


    US Lacrosse Officials Registration & Renewal

    (Required for US Lacrosse Certification)
     Required LOA Selection

    Note: If you’re already registered as a High School player and plan to officiate, you should not have to pay any additional fees to US Lacrosse. Simply have them add ‘Official’ to your membership. Call 410.235.6882 # 102 (M-F, 9 am-5 pm ET), or contact the Membership Department by e-mail at if you need further assistance.

3. SFLOA Association and (New Officials) Training Cost Fees

1.  New Youth (only) Officials – $50 includes $25 for Training Class, $25 for Assoc. dues
2.  Returning Youth (only) Officials – $25 for Assoc. dues, no Training Class fee.
3.  Returning HS Officials – $60 Assoc. Dues,  no Training Class fee.
4.  New HS Officials – $85 includes $25 Training Class fee & $60 Assoc. dues.
Youth (only) Lacrosse Official is known as an Associate Member – (does not include FHSAA)
Full Membership – Youth, Middle School & High School, (including FHSAA)

4. SFLOA Registration

2019 SFLOA Associate Officials Registration Form.

Complete the 2019 SFLOA Associate Membership Application form and mail it to the address on the form.

2019 SFLOA Full Membership Officials Registration Form

Complete the 2019 SFLOA Full Membership Application Form – v2.0 and bring it with you, along with your payment and copy of your State of Florida Background Badge to the Mandatory Meeting

or Mail your Application, Payment and Current Copy of your State ID badge (FHSAA Officials only) to:


c/o John E. Craven

1121 Creekford Drive

Weston,  FL 33326-2835

Membership Matrix
Level of Play USLacrosse FHSAA SFLOA
  Middle Schools and High Schools SFYLL
SFLOA Required Required
FHSAA Required  
US Lacrosse Required* Required


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